When You Need Someone to Fight For You

The Law Office of Michon Miller Hughes ™ and Associates is currently serving Tulsa area families in criminal, custody, child support, and other matters that require experienced and dedicated trial attorneys.

Michon Hughes


Michon Miller Hughes ™, a native Tulsan and graduate of TU School of Law, was named 2011 Domestic Violence Prosecutor of the Year for the State of Oklahoma. She is serving the general public as a private attorney. In 2014 she together with co-coach Clinton C. Hastings coached Holland Hall's High School Mock Trial team to the Oklahoma State Championship. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2001 Summa Cum Laude and won 2nd place in the National ABA Negotiations competition in law school. Michon is passionate about helping clients through the most difficult times in their lives.


Criminal Law

Ms. Hughes is an experienced criminal attorney. Her record includes hundreds of felony and misdemeanor convictions as a prosecutor including a conviction which imposed the longest sentence in Oklahoma for spousal rape - life without parole. As a former prosecutor, Michon understands the criminal justice system and how prosecutors think. She will make sure your constitutional rights are protected and you are given a fair trial.

Divorce / Custody

If you are in a custody battle or divorce, chances are it is one of the scariest experiences you have faced. The legal system can be frightening on its own, but when your life savings and children are on the line the stakes become very high. This is why you need an experienced divorce attorney to handle your case, deal with opposing counsel, and advocate for you to the court so you can spend your time taking care of your family, your career, and yourself. At our firm, we promise to return your calls promptly and address your concerns and questions as they arise and help make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your children.


Whether you are the biological parent or the adoptive parents, adoption can be a difficult experience. Some people erroneously think adoptions are just about filing the right paperwork. Although that is an important aspect, occasionally the cases need a good trial attorney when contested. At our firm we can handle the matter if it needs a trial.


Guardianship actions generally arise out of an emergency need to care for a child or incapacitated adult. If you are concerned that someone in your life is being abused or neglected, you should immediately report it the child abuse hotline or to Adult Protective Services. After reporting, call our office immediately and tell us you need an emergency appointment with one of our attorneys so we can help you gain custody of your loved one immediately until the court can hear your case.

Protective Orders

As a former Director of Domestic Violence, Michon has a unique understanding of what it means to be the victim of domestic abuse. If you have been abused, please make a confidential appointment with our firm and we will help you discuss your options. If you or someone you know is being abused, call us to learn how our law firm can help protect you and your family.

Child Advocacy

Sometimes children need their own attorney (called a Guardian ad litem) when their parents are divorcing, during adoption, or during guardianship actions. As a former Oklahoma certified elementary school teacher and current high school mock trial coach, Michon understands how to approach children and teens, listen to their wishes, and address their needs and concerns throughout the legal process. Ask your attorney about appointing Michon Miller Hughes ™ as a Guardian ad litem for your child.